We Grow Old

by Beards

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released December 10, 2011

written by: Beards in Nashville and New York
recorded and engineered by: Jeremy at Robotic Heart in Nashville and Evansville
mastered by: Brandon in Nashville



all rights reserved


Beards Nashville, Tennessee

Beards started in 2010 in Nashville, when Ian and Erin began singing together.


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Track Name: Two Great Lights
If I love you the same
As all the other girls
Then you should run away
Like all the other girls
But if you don't want to leave
Like all the other girls
Then stay
Track Name: The Devil
I won't ask you to cry for me
I won't be crying for you
I don't expect you to fall to your knees
I wouldn't want you to
The Devil's in the wind and he's calling my name
Headed for a showdown in the great plains
He's got the best of me twice in the past
So I'm expecting the worst

Its not nothing, I'm just moving on

I won't promise that I'll write you much
I know I probably won't
I won't tell you to wait for me
Don't bother holding out hope
The Devil's in the sun and he's shining on me
Can't find no shade in Tennessee
I've got an old friend out in Silver Gate
Maybe I'll head up there

Its not nothing, I'm just moving on

I don't expect you to understand
I already know that you can't
I know that I'm messing up all of our plans
But I've gotta leave
I know that I lie but I'm telling the truth
The Devil's inside me and I don't know what I'll do
I'm gonna leave here and never look back
I hope that you can forgive

Its not nothing, I'm just moving on
Track Name: Blind Leading the Blind
I guess that I'm not really asking anything
Just thought I'd tell you how I feel
Its always the same with me
You already know the drill
I don't call you for a long, long time
Then I show up at your door
Expecting you to put your life on hold
Long enough for me to get bored

Its like the blind leading the blind
not enough reason, too much wine
It all comes to easy its all gone too soon
I got what I wanted from you

Now you're smiling with another guy
Don't know why I feel the way I do
Its true I made my way around town
Just thought I'd always come back to you
What did you expect from me anyhow
You never asked me to be true
You always knew the kind of man that I was
What was I supposed to do
Track Name: Blue Collar Blues
I woke up this morning with a headache
Boss was on my case even in my dreams
And I knew there'd be better days than this
I heard a man coming for my front door
It was the repo man and he's been here before
I know what he's after
So I ain't gonna answer the door
The rent was due on Thursday
So there ain't no gas in my car
While money can't measure my spirit
My spirit can't drive me real far

Lord knows that I try

I spent my whole paycheck on Saturday night
Getting real lit at the bar
I didn't make it to church in the morning
But I hardly ever do anymore
I promised my old lady I'd quit smoking
I swear to God that I tried
But I've only been with her for two short years
And I've been smoking for a real long time
It was a beautiful day so I called into work
Gone down on the lake to fish
If my old lady finds out then I'm done for
But sometimes you just gotta live

Lord knows that I try
Track Name: Isabel
Isabel, every time I think of you it rains
How you fill up my dreams
Lke a rising tide at the levy crashing against the gates
Like a firefly burning in the midnight heat
Like a choir singing hymns in a war documentary

Isabel, I was sure that you'd say yes so I could stay
How you leave me restless at night
And burden all of my ways
Like a short red dress at a funeral procession
Like a giant oak in the yard with two names carved in it
Yours and mine, Your and my names Isabel.
Track Name: The Garden
The garden is green
But I wish that it were colorful
I can't get it to bloom
Not since they buried you
Things have gone to shit
Your sister has got the kids
The neighbors don't stop by anymore
They did for a while
It was fucking miserable
I've taken to getting drunk every night
Passing out so I don't have to dream
I understand how Jesus must have felt
Every day all alone

Come home
I'll be good
Track Name: Yesterday's News
I walk to work, it hardly takes any time
There's a prophet on the corner, I hand him a dime
He gives me roasted nuts wrappen in yesterday's new
With his mouth he smiles thanks, but his eyes read the blues
The prophet is blind but he can see anyway
If you ask him for his secrets, he'll give them away
For a dime and wrapped up in yesterday's news
With his eyes wide and grey, he'll sing you the blues
All of his life he's been playing the harp
It was stolen last week, now he hums while he talks
He takes no stock in newspaper news
Says he read it one time, it just gave him the blues
The prophet claims to be a whole lot younger than he is
4 ex wives, 11 kids
Hasn't seen them in a while, can't remember all their names
He'll tell you life highs and lows, but the blues never change

He grew old. Life passed him by because he never grabbed hold
We grow old. Life will pass us by unless we stop and grab hold

Roslyn lost her husband in the second world war
She was 22 then, now she's 84
She still counts sheep in the same bedroom
Where she broke all the windows the night she lost her groom
Some suitors came around but they were all turned away
It didn't take long until Roslyn was an old maid
She didn't seem to notice, she was too busy on the farm
She works her hands to the bone to this day on the farm

She grew old. Life passed her by because she never grabbed hold.
We grow old. Life will pass us by unless we stop and grab hold
We grow old. You can whine and cry all you like but you can't turn back time.
Track Name: Dream
I had a dream that I'd like to be true
Of me in my dress and you in your suit
You were down the aisle waiting on me
With family and friends and our wedding party
Then I woke up and I was here in my bed
In place of my dress was pajamas instead


I'm laying awake, can't fall back asleep
My body's too warm and I can't feel my feet
I'm thinking of things I know I can't control
Like weather and time and a love that got old

I toss and I turn and the heater kicks on
And I wish you were here but I know that that's dumb
I'm well aware what's left we should leave
Sometimes you can't help who you see in your dreams
Track Name: #2
It was a cool autumn day
When I came home from work
And saw you laying there
Asleep on the floor
You wrote me a poem
instead of a suicide note
I was a mess
I'm still a mess
3 years have passed
It doesn't hurt any less
Your parents blame me
I can't blame them

I've tried so many times to forget you
You haunt all my dreams like a melody
I can't get out of my head
Oh melody, why do you sing to me?